How to stop a splinter from getting infected?

Answer If your dad is a doctor he probably knows how to prevent infection and what to do in case it gets infected.

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Will a glass splinter become infected if I don't remove it from my foot?

It probably will. You really should try to get it out.

How to stop a burn getting infected?

Burns can leave the skin prone to infection and so you need to rinse the area with clean water. Pat dry with a sterile pad or leave to air dry which can be cleaner. Put on a STERILE non-stick dress... Read More »

How to treat a burn and stop it getting infected?

You should have run it under cold water for about five minutes. It may be an idea to do this now. If it is not to big a large sticking plaster is the best bet to keep it clean.

What can stop you from getting pregnant can eating rocks stop you from getting pregnant?

Not if you are a goldfish or a polar bear. But if you are human, YES!Sex, just for the sake of sex is not right. That's one of the things that raises humans above other mammals. Sex should be saved... Read More »