How to stop a snooping boyfriend from seeing what i do on my computer!!?

Answer Get a bigger badder boyfriend? :PFirst off, that isnt right that he is intentionally invading your privacy and you just stand by and let it happen regardless of how you feel about it. Stand up for ... Read More »

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How to Stop Your Mom from Snooping in Your Room?

Parents tend to be very nosy when it comes to their child and/or children. They care about your safety, well-being, and happiness. But, it is still an invasion of privacy.

How to Stop Your Parents from Snooping in Your School Bag?

Do you have excessively nosy parents? Are they constantly searching your book bag and binders for notes and homework? Here are a few tips to make them stop (or at least slow down the process).

How Can I Stop My Child From Snooping Through My Stuff?

Curiosity is how kids and adults learn. It drives us to experience and explore new things. This drive is especially strong in children according to Scholastic's Early Childhood Today magazine. It s... Read More »

My boyfriend hacked into my computer and deletes what he don't want me to see. How can I stop him?