How to stop a child who is severely affected by asd mouthing all objects?

Answer Your answer is in your own question. You said that he tends to not mouth objects when he is doing something he enjoys or engaged. WE all stim (chew our pencil, twirl our hair) when we are not engag... Read More »

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How do you use behavior modification to prevent mouthing of objects in children with special needs?

Yes, small amounts of fluid containing sperm can be released before ejaculation takes place, and so any contact can result in conception...even if no actual intercourse takes place.

How to Stop a Dog from Mouthing Your Hands and Arms?

Many puppies might wrap their mouths around your arm or your hand as a playful gesture. Although they don't intend any harm, this can be pretty scary to "outsiders" when the puppy grows up to be a ... Read More »

Help! I dyed my hair yesterday and now it itches SEVERELY bad! How to i get it to stop!?

The skin on your head is very sensitive, and putting chemicals onto your head can irritate your skin.Was it bleach? Bleach and some other dyes possibly have ingredients such as "nonoxynol-9" which ... Read More »

How to Stop Objects Being Thrown Across the Classroom?

Students who throw objects at one another or at the teacher during class are a disturbance to class productivity. While it may be difficult to identify those who are throwing objects, teachers shou... Read More »