How to stay awake really long?

Answer try playing a game or doing something addictive. a boring book can put me to sleep by 10pm yet I could stay up til 5am playing minecraft. try drinking some caffinated sodas such as coke

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How to Stay Awake During a Seminar or Long Presentation?

Okay, those of you who know you have a super-long presentation to listen to, here's the perfect ways to stay awake, excuses, etc.!

How to Stay Awake for a Long Period of Time?

Are you at a sleepover and you wanna stay up all night? Are you alone in your bedroom and bored? Are you just not tired? If you are thinking any of these questions, you have came to the right place!

How long should I stay awake after a fall and hurt my head ?

Get to the doctor straight away. No offence, but from the way you've worded your question, it sounds like you're disoriented already. You might just be still a bit dazed, but a visit would disco... Read More »

How can I stay awake all day?

Eat a lot of energy packed foods. Stay away from processed sugar, or else you will get too much energy and crash, causing you to fall asleep. Do some light exercise, not too much that it uses all o... Read More »