How to start a Heir extensions business in nyc?

Answer Step 1:Get your Cosmetology License. (9 Month program in New York See link for Schools)Step 2:Work for a Cosmetologist in their salon. (Minimum of 1 year of on the job training)Step 3:Start marketi... Read More »

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What if your name was supposed to be put on a quit claim deed as a joint heir but the other heir put his name on it with etal after his name only without your name?

unlocked only means it can be activated on any service, not that the phone is any better, when the iphone came out it was only available on one service, unlocked means you can activate it on any se... Read More »

How to Start Locks With Hair Extensions?

Locks, or dreadlocks, can be started in a many ways. Using extensions to start locks is a low-maintenance method meant to reduce the likelihood of unraveling locks. Since it may take several months... Read More »

How to Start Dreadlock Extensions in a Child?

The process of starting dreadlock extensions in a child's hair can seem very complicated. However, with the correct supplies and proper instructions, dreadlock extensions can be applied rather easi... Read More »

What Products Do I Need to Start Doing Nail Extensions?

Attractive nails are a sign of good grooming. For women who are beauty conscious, painting and changing the look of fingernails and toenails is a way to look good and express themselves. If you dec... Read More »