How to speed up the internet on my computer?

Answer Additionally, see what else is running on the PC accessing the net. If there is something extra, it could be causing the bottleneck.

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How to Test Computer Internet Speed?

To make sure your Internet is running properly, you should complete a speed test to see what speed your Internet is running at. If your Internet is underperforming compared to the speed you pay for... Read More »

How do i remove internet speed monitor off computer?

Go to Control Panels and select the "Add or Remove Programs." Then you can delete the one you don't want.

Can i leave my computer on all day if i'm on high-speed internet?

A high-speed Internet connection will remain active until the modem is turned off. It is not uncommon for some users to leave their computers connected to the Internet all day or night.References:B... Read More »

How do I test a computer for high speed internet?

High-speed Internet access--at speeds faster than 56k--is key for more efficient web surfing and running many websites. Anything faster than 56k may be considered high-speed Internet access, but di... Read More »