How to solve computer lag?

Answer Get windows 7 ;) How long has this been going on?Have you restarted your computer? Sometimes video memory or memory can be locked, and needs to be cleared by restarting.What are your system specs?D... Read More »

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My computer doesn't turn off,how to solve this problem?

get the computer in safe mode start pc say found drives or somethying like that then hit f8 123456789 untel you hear beeep beeepthe choose safe mode then last confugeration that worked good then r... Read More »

Can anyone help solve any of my computer problems!! 10 points!?

That is a lot of things!Overheating: Laptops overheat because their fans suck in dust, lint, and hair and that clogs up the airways and fans, so the ventilation is greatly reduced. Get one of tho... Read More »

Can any one tell me why my computer keeps freezing and what can I do to solve the problem?

First boot into safe mode and run a virus scan. Once finished boot to windows and clean your system. Use CCLEANER to clean the rubbish out and click the issue button to clean the registry. Get ADVA... Read More »

What makes computer mouse constantly stick, how can i solve it?

unless it's a laser mouse, it prob. needs to have the ball removed and cleaned. or buy a new mouse.