How to soften hard cheese?

Answer put in microwave with a small open bowl of milkfor 60 secs

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How to Soften Cream Cheese?

Many cream cheese recipes require you to soften the cream cheese before you can use it. Whether you are making a cheesecake, a dip, or just want to whip block cream cheese to make it easier to spre... Read More »

How to Soften Hard Bathwater?

If you take a soak in a bathtub filled with hard water, you'll wind up with dry, itchy skin. The best approach to correcting this situation is to install a water softening system, but there is an e... Read More »

How to Soften Hard Water?

Hard water is high in minerals, usually calcium and magnesium; however, bicarbonate and sulfates levels sometimes contribute to water hardness. Studies have not found any health risks or medical re... Read More »

How to Soften a Hard Loofah?

When you buy a loofah sponge in the store,they all feel as hard as a rock. When it gets soaked with warm water, it should soften up to be comfortable to use. But what if yours stays as hard as a rock?