How to sleep better at night?

Answer Right before its bedtime, eat a spoonful of honey.When you go to bed, set up a routein like get washed, brush teeth, put on lotion, read, listen to some relaxing music, file nails, stuff that is re... Read More »

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How can i sleep better at night?

Try to concentrate on something good in your helped me!!!!

With a new laptop, when I got to bed, is it better to leave it on all night or put it in "sleep" mode?

Sleep mode is better than "running all of the time" mode.The lifetime of power supplies, especially on laptops, is not forever. Going to sleep saves on this sort of wear and tear.There is no long-... Read More »

Do you get enough sleep or too much 'Seven hours sleep a night best for health'?

This time of year I'm manic due to long days. I go to bed about 11-12 and get up at 4.In the winter I enter my hibernation mode and go to bed about 10 and get up about 8.This is in a perfect world,... Read More »

Is there anyway i can get to sleep quicker because im up half the night trying to get to sleep lol please help?

You can try taking tylonel pm or benedryl. However, don't do it all the time. It's nice once in awhile, but you don't want your body to rely on it. Make sure that you allow enough sleep if you t... Read More »