How to show captions under pictures on tumblr theme?

Answer The '{block:PermalinkPage}' and '{/block:PermalinkPage}' statements that surround the '{block:Caption} {Caption} {/block:Caption}' sequence cause the caption to be shown only on the permalink page.... Read More »

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Why do some girls sometimes put song lyrics as captions on facebook pictures?

Because the girls want to look like they have a personality and they're interesting when really they're so very boring that they strive to make themselves feel good and interesting and 'deep' by go... Read More »

Where do I find pictures like these. have 4 pics with captions (funny)?

How do I get captions to show up using Kodak EasyShare?

Open Your Picture CollectionOpen your EasyShare software, and browse to your photo collection, setting it to Thumbnails View.Add a CaptionClick below the photo you would like to add the caption to,... Read More »

Why are there pictures of me with captions that read "Do not serve this man" in every greater Atlanta area bar?

What Eartha said! I have put more young wenches through school than I could shake my willie at! Yeah, that's right! You heard me! My kids may not inherit anything but the hot twins at my local bar ... Read More »