How to show back hidden friend from gmail chat list?

Answer actually you can just type that friend's name or email in the little "search people" box in gmail chat.then, that friend should appear. you click on "show in chat list". then it's all done!good luc... Read More »

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Is there any app that will let me video chat between me on my htc evo and a friend using gmail video chat from their computer?

How to Delete an Invite from the Gmail Chat List?

Google's online email service, Gmail, contains a list of chat invitations that occur when a contact has been invited to a chat with you. These chat invitations may sit unanswered for an indefinite ... Read More »

If somebody removed you from his/her friend list on fb then requested back your friendship would you agree?

Depending on who it is, I would accept. It could have been an accident. But I don't see how clicking friends on the drop down box, then clicking unfriend and agreeing to unfriending the person is c... Read More »

How Can I Capture a Video From Gmail Chat?

Using the video chat feature in Gmail is an enjoyable and interactive way to stay in touch with friends and family members. By recording a video chat, you can replay it on your computer or share it... Read More »