How to shop for a home security installer?

Answer Home security installation is a tricky topic, particularly because you don't want to get it wrong. Is it as important as getting a brake job on your car done right? Well, maybe it's not immediately... Read More »

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How to Become a Home Theater Installer?

The changing economy requires those in the workforce to become creative in their career choices. Technology has opened doors for careers that did not exist in the past. Home theater installation is... Read More »

Certified Home theater installer?

If your son has the entrepreneurial spirit, it could be a career. He's going to have to be his own boss though. We that do this sort of thing for a living either have ourselves, or hire people with... Read More »

Is a career with Direct TV or Dish Network as home installer a good or bad idea?

I wouldn't consinder that as a career, especially nowhere. Maybe as an upgrade from a first job, but as prelude to a more career oriented job. I would at best get doing other low votlage installing... Read More »

Need security camera in my shop?

you can get fairly good quality CCTV camera's from alot of places now days at a cheap price ie £100+ however it depends on what you need it for, as a deterant or for evidence.some cheap camera's a... Read More »