How to shift it back?

Answer Move your mouse cursor to a blank area of the Taskbar, left-click and hold down the left mouse key, drag the Taskbar back to the bottom and then lift your finger from the left mouse button.Now, you... Read More »

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How to Remove an AOD Shift Arm?

An AOD shift arm allows the transmission to shift into each gear, and is mounted on the steering column. AOD stands for automatic with overdrive, and refers to an automatic transmission with an ext... Read More »

DIY LED Shift Lights?

A shift light indicates when the driver of an automobile should shift gears, removing the need to look at the instrument panel. An LED shift light is just as bright or brighter as an incandescent l... Read More »

How to Shadow Shift?

Shadow shifting is the art of changing your silhouette at night to make you look different. This is NOT magic, it's just a cool trick. (This article only talks about looking like a rock, tree, and ... Read More »

How to Power Shift a Car?

Shifting gears in a manual transmission car requires a specific period in which the engine cannot transfer energy to the wheels due to a disengaged clutch disk. Power shifting is an advanced techni... Read More »