How to set list box in Access properly by coding?

Answer Has something been selected in the list-box ??At what point are you trying to use the list-box selection??If you are trying to use the list-box before anything has been selected, then it will have ... Read More »

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How do I add records in MS Access Is my coding right?

Submit the form to a Javascript function to make sure that the name and password have been filled in - return true if they have, false if not. Set local variables to the POST variables n1 and pwd ... Read More »

Need help with coding (excel + access 2007)?

I would offer that it would be easier to simply create a new worksheet, such as "Extract", and copy the required information to that sheet. Then, pull that sheet into Access.The following event ha... Read More »

How to write a PHP coding to list out all files and directories as links to them?

// get array of all files and directories in the current directory (it is sorted alphabetically by default)$dir_entries = scandir(dirname(__FILE__)); // for PHP 5.3+, use __DIR__ instead of dirname... Read More »

How do I convert a Microsoft Excel list to a Microsoft Access list?

Clean Up the Excel DataRemove any blank rows or columns and make sure each column contains only one type of data. For example, one column has first names, the second column last names and so forth.... Read More »