How to seperate glass from lcd screen and digitizer on touchscreen smartphone?

Answer Seriously, don't try this. Please. I have tried it, though not with that phone model, and it took almost two hours of anxiety and frustration, and when I managed to separate the two, it turned out ... Read More »

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I replaced my iphone 4 lcd and digitizer screen seperatly how do i fix black screen?

Hello, Ask Apple here for free 1-800-MY-Apple ,and check out the sites for more informaton and… ... Read More »

What is the difference between the iPhone 3G digitizer and the glass?

The iphone digitizer is just the outer part of the glass that you actually touch when you use your iPhone. The glass, is also referred to as a LCD and that is what actually produces the picture on ... Read More »

Am looking for an easy way to remove limescale from a glass shower screen and to keep the screen clean?

We have the same problem on our basin as well, as we have a glass sink and tap. I find that rubbing a fresh lemon or lime (cut in half) on to the area - seems to get rid of it and then rinse off wi... Read More »

What is a touch screen digitizer?

A touch screen digitizer is responsible for converting input on a touch screen into coordinates that the computer can understand. Few operating systems are designed from the ground up to be used wi... Read More »