How to send pictures via email without changing the image size?

Answer Try compiling the pictures into a .Zip or .Winrar file. Instead of sending them one by one, compile them altogether.

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How to Send an Image From an Email to a Cell Phone?

Multimedia Messaging Service, commonly referred to as MMS, is an enhanced version of SMS messaging service, which supports the transmission of photos, graphics, audio clips, or video clips. To send... Read More »

What is the largest size email I can send with Outlook 2007?

Microsoft's Outlook 2007 email program does not have a size limit applicable to the sending of messages or attachments. However, most Internet service providers and email hosts set limits on the si... Read More »

Why are there always limits on an email's size We just break them down into several emails and send them....?

I think I know of a free service you can use that doesn't limit attachment sizes. I'll check with some comrades at work and email you tomorrow.edit: ((((zilla)))) I got a hold of my business cohort... Read More »

My kodak easyshare m530 share button wont send the pictures to my email, does anyone know how to fix this?

Frustrating? Why? Haven't you read the manual yet? The Share button only marks the picture for sharing. You install Kodak's program from the accompanying CD to your computer. When you connect your ... Read More »