How to send a fax to Sweden from India?

Answer The international prefix in India is 00, and the country code for Sweden is 46.The local area code for Stockholm is 08, but if you're dialling from outside Sweden, you have to omit the 0.Consequent... Read More »

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Is there any difference in iPhones from Sweden and hongkong can you use a iPhone 4 32GB from hongkong in the same way that you would use a iPhone from Sweden?

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How to Send Money from India?

Sending money from India to any other country involves a high amount of government restrictions, but it can be accomplished once you know what is deemed acceptable by the Indian Government. Sending... Read More »

How to Send Money From India to the United Kingdom?

If you ever need to send money from India to the U.K., you can send it through a money-transfer company, such as MoneyGram, Western Union or Ikobo. MoneyGram and Western Union transfer money to any... Read More »

From which website i can send long SMS free in india? gives u 160 char..........