How to see what another computer is dooing?

Answer that is illegal but if u are in the fbi its ok

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What would you do when the computer mouse dies and you have to install another one. Computer says "Found new?

You make the mouse work by ripping out its insides and wiggling the wire until it moves just enough to get the job done. ha ha that is what we did once. It worked.

How hard is it to hack into another person's computer in another state?

Unless your ex is an EXPERT hacker, the chances of that happening are slim to non existent. Personally, i think u should fill out a police report- in case something happens to u and/or ur computer.... Read More »

Can I remove memory from a computer its originally installed on the computer to another computer?

My usb was not detected by my computer or another computer,there is no flashing light and no detction message?

when you connect or disconnect anything from your computer, you need to make sure the computer is turned off...plugging and unplugging while the computer is working damages the mother board and you... Read More »