How to search wikipedia instead of Google on Firefox's Awesome Bar.?

Answer Click the icon in the search bar, you get a menu. Select Wikipedia.

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Please search "Is Hank Green awesome" in google?

Which do you prefer Google search or Wikipedia search?

Google searches the web, Wikipedia searches a Wiki, thers no comparisonAlso Wikipedia is alot better if you know how to use it correctly (ie the sources at the bottom are always useful for resaerch... Read More »

What exactly is IDD in electronics could not able to find in Wikipedia or google search.?

try this website maybe it will help

Google and Wikipedia search bars on Firefox?

You can use the main address bar of Firefox for both, when you want google type in"google *blank* " When you want wikipedia you can type"wiki *blank* "or "wikipedia *blank" "This keeps your bars lo... Read More »