How to search on wikipedia ?

Answer Step OneGo to Wikipedia's main page: You can also key in Wikipedia in any search engine. Step TwoType the subject you want to know more information about in ... Read More »

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Which do you prefer Google search or Wikipedia search?

Google searches the web, Wikipedia searches a Wiki, thers no comparisonAlso Wikipedia is alot better if you know how to use it correctly (ie the sources at the bottom are always useful for resaerch... Read More »

How to search Wikipedia for the next 24 hours?

Hit the ESC key before the blackout banner comes up.I've certainly been enjoying all these Wikipedia jokes! [Citation needed]

How do I search random articles on Wikipedia?

It's on the left under under the logo. There's a tab that says navigation.... Its he fifth option over "donate to wikipedia" XD

In WIKIPEDIA, what is the difference between GO and SEARCH ?

No major difference both have the same meaning which is to execute a search; kind of like on some microwaves there's a "go" and a "start" button.