How to screenshot the computer?

Answer Download ScreenShot2File and modify your preferred keys for capture screenshot.With program ScreenShot2File you can quick and easily make and save screenshots.ScreenShot2File makes shots of active ... Read More »

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How do I take a screenshot of a page on my computer?

I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but you need to hit PrintScreen, then paste into Paint.EDIT: Oh, I guess people have already mentioned this. My bad.

How To take a ScreenShot On Samsung Exhibit 4G without Using The Computer?

I downloaded a screenshot app that I really like it's called screen capture shortcut free.. I tried out several others that I didn't like.. This one works well, It has a capture from notification s... Read More »

Can you screenshot with your htc one v?

Yes, 2 ways.Hold the power button, then tap the home buttonHold the power button and tap the volume down button.You'll see the screen flash, and hear a camera noise when it happens.

How to Take a Screenshot in Mac OS X?

If you need to show an expert an error message on your system, create instructions for performing a task, or even contribute to a wikiHow article, a screenshot is the ideal way to show someone exac... Read More »