How to scan without HP Solution Centre?

Answer If you couldn't find driver on HP site easy, you could try a program I use. It automatically updates your drivers, saves me a lot of time and frustration. Take a look here for those drivers.http://... Read More »

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What happens if you use a centre positive plug on something that asks for centre negative?

There's a good chance you'd fry whatever you plugged it into. At best, it just wouldn't work.

What shopping centre is the closest to sydney convention centre?

How to Draw a Circle and Its Centre Without Lifting Your Pencil?

The objective.If you want to have some fun, pose this task as a challenge to your friends, then show them how it is done. Show them a figure like the one at the right. Easy, right? The challenge is... Read More »

How can you by pass call centre answerphones 2 speak to someone direct without pressing 1 for this etc?

here we go!!!! that is the date-base that by-passes all! no more menu-tree!! I love that website!!