How to scan this picture and save it into computer?

Answer You scan it in sections and then stich it back together using software such as Arcsoft Scan -n-Stitch.…

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If i drew a picture, could i scan it and save it to my computer?

yes, if your printer has a scanner program thing, just put the paper on the scanner and press scan. something should pop up on the computer. it will ask you how and where you want the picture saved... Read More »

How can i scan a picture into my computer?

go to a store, or I would recommend going to and purchase a scanner. If this is a picture from a digital camera, buy a flash card reader for the particular kind of flash card of your cam... Read More »

How do I scan a picture into my computer?

If your cannon printer has a lid that covers the window glass on top, then chances you have a scanner.If you have a scanner, Press start and in the search bar type Windows Fax and Scan, then click ... Read More »

Can you scan an ultrasound picture into the computer without destroying it?

Yes you can do it, we did it with my wifes ultrasound pics and they didnt get damaged. Just use a regular scanner and you should be fine