How to scan real object by the use of scanner?

Answer You can't scan a real object with good result. If its flat enough you can achieve lil bit of clarity. You can't close the door properly when you place some objects. Light source escapes easily a... Read More »

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What's a good skinny scanner I can buy to scan documents and what's the real name?

You mean a "portable sheetfed" scanner. Visioneer, NeatReceipts, and IRIS make some good ones. Under $100. I think you can even buy one in Brookstone. THAT one is tiny. I carry one in my bag. Very ... Read More »

Scanner class where use we scanner object give example?

Are You talking about the scanner class in java .... ??That can be used to take inputs from keyboardScanner sc = new Scanner(; -> reads a word from keywordsc.nextInt() -> reads a... Read More »

You wish to scan an 8 by 10 colour photograph using a scanner which can scan images at a resolution of 3200 d?

I will estimate one photograph would use up 0.244MB.Pretty small, from what I think.

Will a scanner whose scan quality is 1200 x 2400 ppi be good enough to scan slides?

yes.I would recommend 9600dpi if the images are really important and are going to be used for printing.