How to scan paper pictures onto a computer?

Answer You need an Scanner Machine to scan pictures.And yes, once you have scanned it, you can send it as an attachment in an e-mail.

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How do i scan pictures onto da computer?

we have the same hardware then..mine is 3 in 1..printer wid scanner and copier..u better check first if ur printer has a problem because that might cause a problem too wid ur scanner and thus the r... Read More »

How do you scan pictures onto a computer?

What you need to do is to use the scan program that was installed at setup.Look in the START menu under the cANON folder. OR, open control panel and SELECT "Scanner and Camers" and work from there... Read More »

Can I scan old negatives onto my computer and then print pictures from them?

You may scan negatives onto your pc... you may buy scanners (flatbed) that comes with negative scanners but i dont know if they still produce those kind of scanners these days... If they have stock... Read More »

I have a letter that I am trying scan onto my computer. Unfortunately, it cannot be read after I scan it.?

If the document is handwritten, there is no way to OCR it. OCr can only ready jpegs images which contain typed letters and not hand-written ones.