How to scan hand drawn pictures to my computer?

Answer Open the lid, put your artword on the glass, face down (there's a little arrow showing you which corner to put it to) and shut the lid.Depending on your software you can either press the Scan butto... Read More »

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If i scan my hand on a scanner, would it appear in the colour of my hand on the computer screen.?

You can scan your hand, keeping your hand on the glass and covering the whole glass with some covering, so that stray light does not fall on the glass. Yes your hand will be scanned in color, with ... Read More »

I purchased a new computer recently but kept my printer. i cant scan pictures into my computer?

Make sure you install the printer driver from the printer's CD onto your computer. Without the driver, your computer will not detect your printer.

How do I scan pictures to my computer?

Only if you have a network printer and the printer supports scan to folder/network.

How to scan pictures on my computer?

it would be helpful if you were to add some details. If you want to scan photos or documents to your computer you will need to use the program that comes with your printer. Or you can use a Word ... Read More »