How to scan a document in PDF format?

Answer follow these stepsscan the file in .tiff formatcopy the tiff file paste it into MS word file andby using online converters convert it into pdf attach it in the mail and send it

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How to scan a document and save the file in a .pdf format?

there is also a cool little application you can download (free) called PrimoPDF. It installs itself like a printer, then you go to print the picture or document like you normally would, but instea... Read More »

I have a document. How can I scan and save that document for future corrections in doc.form?

You google:"scanning in text format"and find you need an optical character recognition software or may be able to convert the pdf, but since scanned images are pictures, that is more difficult as i... Read More »

Do you know of a portable document scanner that don't need to be connected to a computer to scan a document?

how big is the document you're trying to scan? they make pen scanners, they work good for students that only need certain text and when you only have limited funds and a library down the street wor... Read More »

I want to be able to scan a document on my scanner have have a option to convert the document to pdf?

Adobe Acrobat is for viewing while Adobe Acrobat Professional is for editing and converting/saving your documents to pdf.For editing Acrobat pdf file, it has a software called Adobe Designer which ... Read More »