How to scan a computer with another computer?

Answer Unless you've made the drives on one computer available over the network, you can't scan like that.Best thing to try is one of these:…They are disk images ... Read More »

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Can I pick up a Wifi signal with one computer, and send internet to another computer with an Ethernet cable?

Yes, just open Network Connections after connecting to the wireless connection. Highlight both the wireless connection and the Ethernet connection you want to "Bridge". Right-click and choose "br... Read More »

How to scan from one computer to another one?

When you go wireless, all the equipment have to be wireless so they can communicate with each other. Sharing a scanner doesn't work. You can scan from one computer, save the image and open it in an... Read More »

Can I remove memory from a computer its originally installed on the computer to another computer?

I scan my computer with Avira Complete Scan and There is 11 Warnings What should i do?

It seems that your computer is not infected but you have several programs that are corrupted. I would try reinstalling those programs that aren't functioning if I were you.Start with that TuneUp Ut... Read More »