How to scan 10 easy points?

Answer You can't scan a web page as far as I know. You need to save it to a file. You right click on the web page, right click Copy, open a program to Paste it to such as Word or OpenOffice, or what eve... Read More »

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What is ur favorite kind of chip easy ten points if u guess my favporite! easy!!?

Mine Is Hot Cheetos.And My Guess Is That Yours Are Too.but idk.

Apps: Check Points Scan problem?

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Easy 10 points.?

there is a little whole in the front of the drive stick a paper clip in the whole wala ///

Ok... easy 2 points?

OH MY! I LOVE THAT SHOW!!not as much as i Love House though!but their both Good looking so hmm hahai would have to say my favorite isElliot Reid (because she was on Roseanne... my favorite show)And... Read More »