How to run 2 monitors with keyboards & mouse independentlly on 1 CPU?

Answer You can have 2 (or more) monitors but multiple physical input devices won't work.Edit - I read your question again. Get a graphics card with dual head outputs. Windows supports this as standard.

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Can Keyboards, Mice, or Monitors carry viruses?

....NO these items cannot carry viruses and such as they have no files to infect or contain any operating system of any sort and they do not have storage space like a cd or flash drive.

How can I prevent this from happening again I can't afford to keep replacing keyboards and monitors!?

I wish I had some personal sage advice I could give you but since the accident, my disc is floppy.A sneeze guard, perhaps?

What do you think of wiress keyboards and mouse?

Wireless mouse is easier if you use it a lot, but prepare to be replacing batteries!!

Cordless Keyboards and Mouse!!?

yes they all require batteries you can put a rechargeable battery