How to "reverse" an image/text so that it can be printed on fabric transfer paper ?

Answer This tends to be more of a printer function than a Word one, but here's how to do it from within Word.1. Press CTRL/P.2. In the Print dialog box, click the Properties button.3. If the Basics tab is... Read More »

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How to Transfer Printed Images to Fabric?

Advanced photo imaging software, printers, scanners and personal computer programs have opened up many creative ways to explore and redesign existing images, photos or graphics. You can transfer yo... Read More »

Is printing on the reverse side of a printed A4 paper bad for the one sided printer?

HiThere is no danger but on a laser printer, you will damage the drum eventually and much faster than expected.On a deskjet, it is another story since the cartridge are incorporated with the head o... Read More »

How is fabric printed?

Textile artists print fabric using various methods, including block-printing, mono-printing, transfer printing and screen printing. The technique depends on the desired effect, and whether the prin... Read More »

Who printed the first paper money?

The Chinese first used a form of paper money in 800 A.D. The Tang dynasty (618-907) employed the block-printing process, according to the Silkroad Foundation. The government produced certificates, ... Read More »