How to retrieve an old conversation in new Facebook version?

Answer Go to the message button next to the notifications and you can see everything since your first conversation. Answer mine?;_ylt=AizK2_d25cME9MI2gH_65yvsy6IX;_... Read More »

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How to Start a Conversation with a Guy on Facebook?

Well every girl would like to talk and and become good mates with a guy on Facebook but I'm guessing you just don't know how to start a conversation. Most guys are into those kind flirty girls, if ... Read More »

How to remove someone from a facebook conversation?

you can't remove her from the conversation only her and herself only can remove her self from the conversation... so if she don't remove herself from the conversation then you will be facing the co... Read More »

How do i search up a really old conversation on facebook?

Hey,There is a way to see your complete chat history on Facebook easily. By this method you can also see Photos or videos you've shared on Facebook Your Wall posts, Your friends' names and some of ... Read More »

How do I save a conversation on my Facebook so I won't lose it?

you will never lose it unless you delete it and then delete the archive tooso really, there is no reason to worry about losing it in the first place, unless someone else is accessing your account a... Read More »