How to restrain myself from eating for 4 days?

Answer This is a cooking category, not the health section where this kind of question should be asked.Second, "cleansing" is a joke.Your body is self cleansing.Thats what your liver does, actually. And ki... Read More »

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How many days can you go without eating?

Starving yourself to lose weight can have the opposite effect. When you fast your body goes into starvation mode and your body will store everything you eat.You can lose 2 pounds quickly if you jus... Read More »

Will over eating 2 days make me gain weight?

No but you dieted the last 3 days of the week for nothing, that mean you're back to where you were Tuesday.

Could urinating and eating a lot be signs of pregnancy if it has only been three days since intercourse with your partner?

Answer although these are common signs of pregnancy it would be hard to tell if you are pregnant just three days after intercourse. and you would probaly not have those symptoms that soon. although... Read More »

Some days I can't stand eating fish yet my family are all fishermen so I have no choice. Is this normal?

No one makes you eat it do they ? If its coming in free because they are fishermen then i would make the most of a free meal some days and have something you really love on the other days, Food i... Read More »