How to respond to children's challenging behaviour according to their age?

Answer First of all, you have to have knowledge about children's development in order to respond to their behavior appropriately. For example, if you are talking about toddlers who are biting, you don't ... Read More »

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Child behaviour problem. touching other childrens sensitive parts?

You need to figure out if this was curiosity or a learned behavior, without a doubt you need to document this instance for future reference and I would notify both parents of the situation. I had a... Read More »

Should parents be held responsible for their children's behaviour?

That is a debatable question. It all depends on the age and situation of the child. Obviously young children (from birth, toddlers and early adolescences) can barely think for themselves let alone ... Read More »

How did the United states prevent any navy from challenging their navy?

The United States spends heavily on the military. More spending leads to more funding on the US Navy: better training, better equipment, better recruitment, and so forth. That is how the US navy ca... Read More »

Do hamsters respond to their name?

Hamsters can learn their names and respond to them, according to the book “Training Your Pet Hamster.” In order for a hamster to learn its name, repeatedly use the name while handling or feedin... Read More »