How to request citation on a sentence written in Wikipedia that may need some editing?

Answer Just add{{fact}}at the end of the sentence that needs editing. Robots will take care of putting on the date and whatever other technical things are required.Whether or not it gets corrected or not,... Read More »

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Can Home Owner Association charge attorney fees to homeowners for a citation written by a lawyer?

Read your governing documents to determine how the fees should be charged, whether they should be charged to a limited number of owners, or to all owners in the association. Apparently, a citation ... Read More »

Can I delete a statement on wikipedia that doesn't have citation.?

Yes. Technically, any uncited statement may be removed. Of course, Wikipedia generally encourages that instead of outright deleting, you either find a source, or correct the statement with a source... Read More »

Wikipedia editing?

This happens a lot on Wikipedia (assuming your edits weren't vandalism and were reliable), it's called edit warring. Sometimes people get overprotective over articles they've been working on and wo... Read More »

+ and - in Wikipedia Editing?

Green = the edits are on environmental subjects.Red = the editors concerned are aligned with Socialist/Communist ideals.