How to remove white old stretch marks with home remedy?

Answer Cocoa butter can help fresh purple or red stretch marks because restores moisture and cell communication. Old white stretch marks are now scars and only thing that can remove them is exfoliation so... Read More »

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What is the best home remedy for stretch marks?

On One Hand: Diet and OilsFeed your skin from the inside by eating seeds, nuts, tomatoes and leafy greens that provide vitamin K and zinc. Prepare a carrier oil of sweet almond with lavender and ch... Read More »

Is there a home remedy to get rid of stretch marks?

Lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil and jojoba oil can be used together to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.Thanks.

Is there no remedy to remove stretch marks?

On One Hand: Three Basic OptionsThere are indeed remedies that will help you to remove stretch marks. Some are more effective than others. You have three basic options: surgical removal, over-the-c... Read More »

How to Remove White Stretch Marks?

While stretch marks are more apparent on certain skin tones, anyone can get them. They occur during periods of rapid growth as the skin is stretched to accommodate a growing body. When they first a... Read More »