How to remove trojan tj/bz ?

Answer What you need is an antivirus program to erradicate that trojan. Here's some of them:AVG Antivirus Free (…Norton's Antivirus ( Read More »

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How i can remove psw.x.vir Trojan?

Nope, your PC is dirt now. Just go out and buy a new one.

How to Remove an EXE Trojan?

The Greeks used a hollow wooden horse to sneak their army into Troy to overrun the Trojan forces and win the war. Thus, the Trojan Horse was born. Nowadays, Trojan viruses use a similar tactic of h... Read More »

How do i remove trojan.w32?

Stop Trojan ProcessesStop any Trojan processes that are running in your computer's memory by pressing "CTRL+ALT+DELETE." Windows Task Manager will open. Click on "Processes," then type "Trojan" int... Read More »

How to Remove the Trojan Gozi?

The Trojan virus known as Gozi is the creation of Russian hackers. Trojan viruses imitate legitimate software to promote installation. Once installed, Trojans cause damage by deleting files, damagi... Read More »