How to remove the dots that appear on my 52"plasma tv?

Answer Your "dots" could be several things. What pops into my mind first is that you have a regular DVD player connected to an HD TV. The problem being a regular DVD (and player) doesn't have the same r... Read More »

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How do I uninstall programs that do not appear under add/remove programs?

Check the hard driveClick on the "My Computer" icon and navigate to the "C:" drive. Then click on the "Program Files" folder. Scroll through the list and find the name of the program you wish to un... Read More »

What is a Rash on an infants legs that is red dots that all have white circles around them?

If there is a crosswalk, use it. Wait for the walking person icon before walking.Stop, look, and listen. Stop before crossing. Look both ways a few times to make sure you see no cars approaching. L... Read More »

How to Remove Dots for Newsprint Copy?

If you look very closely at a newspaper page, especially a photograph, you'll notice that it is made up of very, very small dots called a halftone pattern or halftone screen. These dots blend toget... Read More »

How to Remove Black Dots From Shaving?

Unusually thick or dark hair can result in "black dots" on your skin after shaving. While this may be acceptable on a man's face, it can certainly be unsightly on a woman's legs. By changing your s... Read More »