How to remove the ad in youtube?

Answer Firefox + AdBlock Plus.It even removes the embedded video ads.AdBlock Plus - -

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How would one remove a friend from Youtube?

1. go to their homepage2. right where you add a person as a friend3. hit remove friend4. then you can even block them which is near the remove button.

How to Remove a Youtube Subscriber?

You can't! You would have to ban his account with a reasonable cause, but that wouldn't stop him from subscribing with another account. You would have to make your account private so nobody saw you... Read More »

Why Did YOUTUBE Remove The Option.........?

Knowing you, I'm surprised YouTube hasn't totally banned you for the stuff you probably put

How to Remove the YouTube Search Bar?

When you embed a YouTube video into another web page, you will notice that a search bar hangs over the video at certain times. This is done to promote YouTube and so that users can easily search fo... Read More »