How to remove subtitles from Comcast high definition channels?

Answer Use your tv's remote and check the subtitles and closed captioning (cc or caption could also be on the remote). This isn't an option that your comcast remote or cable box can decide to do. Alternat... Read More »

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Can you get high-definition channels with a digital TV?

High-definition (HD) channels are available on digital television services. Analog televisions will not be compatible with HD channels. In order to view HD channels, the viewer will need an HD-capa... Read More »

Do you need an HDTV to view high definition channels?

You do not need a high-definition television to view high-definition channels. If you have the digital converter box, you can watch the programs aired on high-definition channels. You only need a h... Read More »

What do you need to catch High Definition Direct TV Channels?

Depending on where you live, locals are either on the 79.5, 95, or 103 degrees satellites. National HD programming is on the 110 or the 119 degree satellites. Standard programming generally falls o... Read More »

How do u put SUBTITLES on a Comcast tv?

I can't believe the previous answer came from a Comcast. Goes to show what they know. Anyways, I'm assuming you have the silver Motorola Comcast box and the silver remote, correct? Turn on the comc... Read More »