How to remove sound comepletely from a video?

Answer Yes, it's possible in Windows Movie Maker. After adding the clip to a project you can look down near the bottom left of your screen to where the clip appears. Right clicking on it and fooling wit... Read More »

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Can i remove sound from a video but keep the actual video?

There are several ways to do what you want.The easiest way is to use a video editor that has the ability to deal with multiple audio tracks. Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut and many others ca... Read More »

Is there anyway to remove video from a video in Windows Movie Maker so that only the sound is left?

Sorry but there's nothing you can do about it when using WMMaker. Instead, use a special software like Xilisoft that can convert video file to audio file format only.But if you're using component c... Read More »

The video from my video camera always has a ringing sound?

I would start by calling Kodak tech support. Maybe there's a setting that's sensitive & can change. If it's in warranty be sure to call during it.Also, play with all the settings or go through th... Read More »

How to Extract Sound From an FLV Video?

Adobe Flash Video (FLV) file format can contain either high or low resolution video content designed to be streamed online directly in the browser. FLVs contain their audio and video within the sam... Read More »