How to remove screen blur in low resolutions?

Answer It Usually occurs when your monitor is unable to display that resolution properly so try to use the other setting of the monitor if not solve then you have to go for the low resolution one. It is n... Read More »

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Need help and advice on screen resolutions and hardware. thanks.?

Hi,Unfortunately adding a monitor will not solve the problem as the max resolution is set in your notebooks video card and that cannot be changed.Arnak

How to Determine What Screen Resolutions a Graphics Card Will Support?

Resolution is measure of how many pixels--the tiny dots that make up an image--your graphics card displays. A resolution is written as the number of horizontal pixels and an "x" followed by the num... Read More »

I had a bad migraine and over night my eye sight went blur and my glasses don't help its still blur!what wrong?

I have had similar experienecs. I have learned for myself that lymph constriction and blockages caused migranes in my neck at the base of my skull. This caused pressure and circulation changes to m... Read More »

How to Remove Blur From an LCD?

Color blurring is an adverse effect that can degrade the quality of the screen and any programming featured on an LCD (liquid crystal display). Such blurring can be created by high-powered electric... Read More »