How to remove programs from my Computer?

Answer CCleaner - it's a really good and free program.

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Want to remove some unnecessary progams from my computer, but they don't come up in the add/remove programs?

here is a how to of the tough to remove programs on the link below…

How to Remove Unwanted Programs from Your Computer?

Always have a software or a program that you did not use for a while. Sometimes, You can't keep it there because otherwise that the computer would be slow with software that you don't use. Here's h... Read More »

How do I remove hidden virus programs from a computer?

Auto-run VirusesDelete auto-run viruses. When you power up your machine, some viruses will automatically run before your antivirus software starts monitoring your system. Disable System Restore in ... Read More »

How do I remove a program called Contra Virus 2.0 It does not allow me to remove it from add/remove programs.?

Symantec has numerous removal tools for virus's for free. Just type the name in and it will give you the removal tool. (Under Downloads)