How to remove paper stuck in printer?

Answer Same thing happened to me.Simply open up the back end of the printer (Not where you insert the ink cartridge).There should be some kind of a switch of lever.

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How do you remove the paper stuck in my printer?

in the very back there should be a slide out compartment that cames out all the way pull it out and look whats inside! Dont worry it wont damage your printer. just take it out of the printer and lo... Read More »

Whenever I try to align my printer head my epson tells me a paper is stuck and to turn off my printer.?

Epson Help @ 877-867-0212, and support site… is great and wins for best price/feature comparison, best warranty and lowest cost of ink. You can't beat the... Read More »

How to Remove Paper Stuck to Furniture?

Paper that has become stuck to furniture or other items can be difficult to remove. However, it's important to avoid trying to scrape it off or you'll risk damaging the furniture. Use this simple s... Read More »

How do I remove paper in a paper jam for a Dell 1700 laser printer?

Remove the Paper JamOpen the printer's front cover. Remove the toner cartridge assembly. Remove any paper that has become jammed behind the assembly. Pull up on the rectangular flap in the front of... Read More »