How to remove my tattoo, MYSELF.?

Answer Well, there are a number of ways. I'm actually in the same boat as you... and really, it's kind of hit-or-miss. Everyone's skin is different, so certain "fixers" can work for some, and not for ot... Read More »

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How to Remove a New Tattoo?

A tattoo is an essentially permanent mark on the skin, made by injecting pigment into the skin. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to remove a tattoo, even if the tattoo is brand new. Generally sp... Read More »

How to Remove a Tattoo With TCA?

Tattoos are typically a permanent marking on your body. This can be bad news if you regret your tattoo (whether it was a spur of the moment or for a forgotten love). Laser removal can be used to re... Read More »

How to Remove Tattoo Ink?

A tattoo represents an extremely personal and permanent statement. However, over time you may decide you no longer desire or even like the tattoo on your body. Fortunately, there are a few differen... Read More »

How to Remove a Tattoo?

Ever woken up one morning with a tattoo you don't remember getting? Or is the tattoo you got for your eighteenth birthday not working out anymore? Here are some ways you can have your tattoo removed.