How to remove iiiiii.exe virus please someone help me in removing this virus.?

Answer Reinstall your OS....If you can't..

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Will someone please help me.... major virus problem?

Hello, my name is Dave I think I can help. First get rid of norton. Install "LAVASOFT" to scan your computer. It will tell you the virus and you can take them off yourself. Go to a... Read More »

If you pay for virus protection from Norton and you still get a virus, why do they want $80 to help remove it?

This is typical of Norton, Build a product that does not work well and then charge for support. Stick to the free products, at least then you will not be ripped off.

Someone please help me! I have a Trojan I need an anti virus!?

There are never any guarantees in malware fighting, but try this:First, boot into Safe Mode With Networking. That sometimes keeps malware from protecting itself. Then, if you have an anti-virus, ... Read More »

Please help me remove a virus?

Have you tried rebooting into safe mode and then try remove it with AVG or malwarebytes? Safe mode disables a lot of applications from starting up, including viruses, when Windows starts. To boot ... Read More »