How to remove graphics card from asrock z68 extreme4 gen3 PCI 3.0 slot?

Answer Should just pull right out. Well, not right out, but same general concept. Just be firm with it, not rough. :)

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Will an AGP graphics card fit a PCI Express slot?

An accelerated graphics port (AGP) video card will not fit into the PCI Express slot on a computer motherboard; they are two different technologies with slots that are different sizes.Source:PC Buy... Read More »

Can you hook up an agp graphics card if there is no slot?

You can connect an AGP card to a PCI or PCI Express slot using an adapter. However, AGP-to-PCI and AGP-to-PCI Express adapters are difficult to find, and generally not cost-effective compared to si... Read More »

Can this graphics card connect to a PCI slot (not PCI express)?

I wouldn't use one of these cards. The NVIDIA Quadro, and ATi's FIre graphics cards are MAINLY used for GRAPHIC DESIGN, and not for average gaming,video watching, etc. There are still several amoun... Read More »

Will This graphics card fit perfect in a pci express x16 slot?