How to remove from broken microSd adapter write protection?

Answer You might try just putting a small piece of scotch tape over the part where the switch was, and see if that works. I've done that with VCR and cassette tapes that have the 'record notch' removed...

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How do i remove write protection on a kingston microSD card?

Locate the Write Protect TabLook on the side of the Kingston microSD card for a yellow or white tab. This is the write protect tab.Move the TabMove the tab from its current position by sliding it w... Read More »

What is a MicroSD adapter?

A MicroSD adapter allows a MicroSD card to fit in a slot that it would otherwise be unable to fit. MicroSD cards are extremely small--about the size of your smallest fingernail. A MicroSD adapter a... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot With an SD Adapter for a MicroSD?

An SD adapter gives your computer the ability to connect directly to a SD card (as most SD cards do not come with a provided SD card reader). This allows you to save and read information on the SD ... Read More »

How to Put Pictures From a MicroSD to a Computer Without an Adapter?

A microSD card adapter is a larger memory card that has a slot for inserting a smaller microSD card. Once the microSD card is in, the adapter can then be inserted into the computer's memory card sl... Read More »