How to remove fake MS Removal Tool.?

Answer Follow the instructions on this MS Removal Tool removal guide.…I'm 100% sure that it will be removed, you just have to follow the instructions CLOSELY so t... Read More »

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How do you completely remove the "Norton removal tool program" itself?

I had the same problem once, kept this link, worked for me :) Hope this is what you need.…Edit: You can delete the application, no worries, delete anything... Read More »

What tools are needed to remove carpeting What's the best tool to cut carpeting to make removal easier?

ANSWER: Its called a carpet knife. Or a single edged razor that has a retractable blade. Ask your local hardware supplier for one and for some replacement blades. Its less than 3 bucks.

System tool scan real or fake?

An unsolicited "scan" is always a virus/malware. Reputable software from legitimate companies don't perform drive-by installations and "scan" your computer. In fact, it shouldn't be possible for ... Read More »

How to Use Blackhead Removal Tool?

Blackhead removal tools allow you to remove your own blackheads with professional-quality results. Scarring occurs when uneven pressure is applied. The loop at the end of the tool enables you to ap... Read More »