How to remove everything after restart?

Answer Hi Salim,While researching on this issue, I found few links that might be of some help to you. If you have Windows XP installed, you may use Windows 'User Profile Deletion Utility (Delprof.exe)' Yo... Read More »

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Unable to boot from pendrive. "Remove disk or other media and press any key to restart"?

make your pendrive bootable once again for some other operating system (not the current one, which itself may be corrupt). if it works, then the OS image is the culprit.if it doesn't work, try maki... Read More »

How to Restart a USB Hub?

Universal serial bus hubs are commonly used to connect accessories such as keyboards, mice, music players and webcams into a computer. If the computer won't recognize or respond to devices plugged ... Read More »

How to Restart a Car?

Many of us have had the problem of a dead or depleted battery. However, owners of vehicles with manual transmissions (standard or "stick shift") can start their car even if the battery is dead!

How to Restart a Car That Has Run Out of Gas?

If you're the type to let your car perennially run on or near empty, you will likely run completely out of gas at some point. In many cases, the long walk to the gas station is the hardest part of ... Read More »